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Monitor Risers and Laptop Stands – Essential Tools for Improved Productivity.

Laptops have advanced tremendously since those first heavy, barely portable devices. However, other than becoming almost impossibly thin and lightweight, the basic format of laptop design has remained largely unchanged.

The same clamshell design that has been used for decades means that the ergonomic issues that plagued early laptop adapters are still with us today. Fortunately, it’s an issue that can be resolved with one simple addition to the office desk, a monitor riser, or laptop stand.

This article will discuss monitor risers and laptop stands, their benefits, and how they can improve comfort and productivity.


Laptop Stands and Monitor Risers – What are They?

A laptop stand is a simple desk accessory that raises a laptop or monitor to bring the screen up to a more comfortable viewing angle that is more suitable for extended use.

Depending on the design, a laptop stand can also serve as a monitor riser that delivers similar advantages in ergonomics. The benefits of laptop stands and monitor risers go a lot further than ergonomics alone, so here are a few more reasons why you should consider adding one to your office desk.


Why You Should Raise Your Screen Height

If you have ever used a laptop while travelling for an extended period, you have undoubtedly experienced neck or back pain after the trip. The same issues may plague you after using a laptop while seated at a desk.

The low height of the screen forces you to hold your head at an unnatural angle, which puts excessive strain on your neck. The average human head weighs between 5.5 kg and 6.0 kg, which means the strain on the neck can be quite pronounced, especially when you hold your head at any sort of angle for a long time.

For example, looking down at a 15-degree angle is the equivalent of almost doubling the weight of your head. So, instead of holding a 5.5 Kg weight, your neck is now dealing with around 11 kg worth of strain.

When we place our head at 30 degrees, which isn’t uncommon when viewing a laptop screen from our lap, the equivalent weight on our neck is a staggering 18 kg. It’s even worse when viewing mobile phone screens, which can put as much as 27 kilograms worth of stress on our necks when we hold our heads at a 60-degree angle.


Laptop Stands Reduce Neck, Back, and Eye Strain

When you see these sorts of numbers, you begin to realize why neck and back pain is so prevalent amongst office workers. A laptop stand or monitor riser is an economical solution that could save you hundreds of dollars in neck massages and chiropractor bills.

By raising your computer or laptop screen, your neck no longer needs to hold your head at an angle because your gaze is now straight ahead rather than looking down at an angle.

We can see the immense benefits of laptop stands for portable technology, but a monitor riser can still provide ergonomic benefits to regular desktop users as well.

Most monitors come with a stand of their own, so how can a monitor riser benefit in this instance?

Some monitors are height adjustable, but these are usually more expensive. Plus, height-adjustable stands add significant weight to the device, which could be a problem if the monitors are regularly moved around.

Cheaper but just as capable monitors will come with a stand that is fixed in height, with no adjustment possible.

This means the majority of office users will be hunched over and using awkward neck positions just so they can get a good look at their screen. Monitor rises can raise the monitor to an optimal height and significantly reduce back and neck strain.


Typing is More Comfortable

The clamshell design of a laptop can make typing long documents or filling out spreadsheets uncomfortable on the wrists due to the awkward position they need to be in to reach all the keys. It’s a lot different from typing on a regular keyboard and less efficient.

Unfortunately, when you have your laptop placed directly on your desk, there may not be much room left over to attach your regular keyboard or mouse. Placing your laptop on a monitor riser or laptop stand frees up desk real estate so you have plenty of room left over for an external keyboard and mouse.



Save Money and Reduce Clutter

Laptop stands and monitor risers can negate the need for an extra desktop PC in the office. Many office environments will use desktop PCs because the screens on compact laptops are too small for extended use.

Most modern laptops include connections that enable the attachment of an external monitor. The monitor riser holds the regular monitor, and the laptop sits neatly underneath and out of the way. The riser can also create space on your desk for extra storage with a tidy tray or small drawer, or a location to keep your stationery accessible but out of the way.

With the right setup, the laptop can easily replace the desktop, and the user can enjoy all the ergonomic advantages of a monitor that sits at eye level and is sufficiently large enough to work comfortably on all day.

Peripherals for your laptop like external hard drives and laptop docks can also be kept neatly out of the way, Cable management becomes much less of a drama with a laptop riser, as you can store a dock underneath the riser.


Protection Against Spills

The average office runs on coffee, which means there is always the risk of coffee spills. Spilling coffee over a cheap and easily replaceable keyboard is a minor inconvenience. However, a coffee spill on a laptop keyboard can put the entire machine out of commission.

If you’re lucky, the laptop will be repairable, but it will still likely cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Unfortunately, because of the way laptops are built, spilled coffee often means you are up for a complete replacement. which can run into thousands of dollars.

Laptop stands put the laptop out of harm’s way, so the worst-case scenario from a coffee spill is a new keyboard and mouse.



Create a More Efficient Office

if you want to create a more efficient, productive office, consider a laptop stand or monitor riser and avoid the neck, back, and eye strain caused by using screens at too low of an angle. Sleek modern laptop stand designs give your office desk a premium look and create a healthier work environment.


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