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Essential Techniques to Create the Ideal WFH Space.

Depending on who you talk to, one of the big positives to come out of the Pandemic has been the ushering in of the Flexi-work/ WFH revolution with more businesses, their employees and owners than ever embracing a hybrid work/lifestyle model.

Today, 16% of global companies are completely remote, while 62% of employees have the option to work remotely at least part-time. Great right? Well, in many ways it is – yet distractions and productivity pitfalls are abound. Juggling a workload and any domestic stress in an attempt to find some balance can be tough and many makeshift workspaces leave a lot to be desired.

This doesn’t have to be you though. Creating a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing work-from-home (WFH) space is essential to not only your well-being but your overall happiness and productivity. This article highlights some vital strategies to maximise creativity and achieve optimal outputs from your home workspaces.

Create a Dedicated Space & Ritual

Refrain from working at a desk in your bedroom, and steer clear of setting yourself up at the dining room table. Though some people can work from anywhere, it’s so important to have a dedicated, calm and quiet space. If you’re working where you’re sleeping, your brain can confuse worktime and you/family time which can make switching off and unwinding very difficult. If you have a spare room you can transform into a designated office, great. If not, setting up a partition and decorating your own little work nook will go a long way. 

Setting clear boundaries in your physical space is important but so are the boundaries and habits you set surrounding your routine. It’s best to start the day as you would if you were going to leave the house to head off to the office. Wake up, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and arrive at your WFH space. Whatever it is, set a clear intention with your routine and the boundaries you make surrounding your hours and always allow ample time for rest and renovation. Getting your boundaries and routine right is much more likely to inspire your happiest, most creative and productive self. 


Add Bursts of Colour

Never underestimate a bit of thoughtfully placed colour to keep your energy focused. Research shows that specific hues affect the way we think and can have positive or detrimental psychological effects and ultimately impact our outputs. This is an often-overlooked factor for those looking to build a productive WFH space. 

For example, research shows that the colour blue can help maximise creativity and keep you in a state of flow while promoting emotional balance. What about some soothing florals? Thoughtfully placed bursts of fresh-cut flowers can spark creativity but don’t forget about dried arrangements that will last almost indefinitely. Green engages the imagination. Red, meanwhile, encourages focus and attention to detail. The right paint colours, finishes and even houseplants can make a real difference.

Prioritise Natural Light

Humans spend 80-90% of their time indoors. Some of the lucky ones have ample access to stunning natural light in their homes and offices. Others need to experiment to fine-tune their home lighting which is not ideal. Regardless you should be prioritising natural light and we would go as far to say altering your situation to access more of it if possible. This isn’t just our opinion – a survey published in the Harvard Business Review shows that the top environmental factor workers want in their environments is natural light and there is good reason for this – it has scientifically proven benefits. 

Higher exposure to natural light throughout the day translates to longer and more restful sleep. On average an extra 46mins. Studies also show your overall health will be better for it. You will benefit from less fatigue, and be happier, more productive and more engaged.

Evaluate your workspace orientation. Place your desk near a window, consider morning and afternoon light, and even things like installing a mirror to bounce light around the room. Take your breaks outside and go for a quick walk. Get some sun and you’ll feel better for it. Experiment if needed but note the importance of natural light, not just at work but for our overall well-being is so important. 

Invest in Great Workspace Tools

A chic, spacious desk won’t do you much good if you haven’t dressed it with the essentials for organisation and ergonomics. You won’t feel settled, be organised or comfortable without the right accessories and feel, so don’t be afraid to invest in what you need. A supportive chair, a stand-up desk a quality lamp and even a footrest or anti-fatigue mat will make you feel at ease in your space. 

Device stands and monitor shelves in your favourite colours and finishes are a bonus but did you know a dual monitor shelf on a 1200mm x 700mm desk can increase desk space by up to 30%. That kind of extra space and ability to organise is an absolute game-changer. 

Declutter at the End of Each Day

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and tidy up your space at the end of every workday. Taking just five minutes to reorganise your desk or wipe down a coffee cup ring on the table will set you up for a great start the next day, relieve stress and keep you energized throughout the workweek. Recycle papers you no longer need, bring those dirty plates back to the kitchen and return those miscellaneous items to their rightful place. It might be wishful thinking, but this could inspire the rest of your household to declutter too? 


Make Adjustments Over Time

Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment. You may not get your WFH space 100% right on your first try, and that is ok. It’s nice to remain fluid with it all and let your workspace constantly evolve. Consider taking stock of what’s working and what isn’t on a weekly or monthly basis, and budget for new accessories or a fresh bunch of flowers. Maybe you can orientate yourself differently at different times of the year you take advantage of natural light. Let the seasons, your mood and what is working for you drive your space to sublime productivity! You don’t need to splurge often, but you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, productivity or creativity. The right items will enhance your WFH life.

With the right items in your space, you can increase both your outputs and your job satisfaction. Please contact us with questions or for more information.


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